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Oncology Overdrive

Dec 28, 2020

In this episode, former journalist Chrissy Farr joins me to discuss 2020, including reporting on a pandemic, attacks on the media, the most unbelievable stories of the year and her new role at OMERS Ventures.

  • Intro :13
  • About Farr :17
  • The interview 1:01
  • How did you end up in journalism? 1:08
  • What was it like being a journalist in 2020? 2:47
  • How did you figure out what to focus on when covering the pandemic? 7:09
  • Were you concerned you might publish a story that would need a retraction? 9:22
  • Is this the first time you’ve dealt with targeted attempts to discredit the media? 19:00
  • Comments from readers, patients 24:02
  • Journalists are in the category of “hero” 25:45
  • Looking back at 2020, are there any stories that seemed unbelievable? 27:41
  • Did you notice that politics and other topics became more intertwined with your health reporting? 32:21
  • It’s interesting how people change the narrative based on their agenda 35:49
  • Tell us about your new role with OMERS Ventures 39:44
  • What made you leave journalism? 42:08
  • Farr’s take-home message 45:15
  • Thank you, Chrissy 47:09

Christina (Chrissy) Farr is principal investor, Health-Tech Lead at OMERS Ventures and a former journalist.

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Disclosures: Jain reports she is a paid freelance writer for Lippincott. Farr is principal investor at OMERS Ventures.