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Oncology Overdrive

Apr 29, 2021

In this episode, VK Gadi, MD, PhD, discusses his path to oncology, the importance of positively disrupting the health care system and how innovation can change the traditional model of health care.

  • Intro :13
  • About Gadi :29
  • The interview 2:00
  • What was your journey to where you are now? How did you get here? 2:31
  • What led to the transition from the Fred Hutch Cancer Center to the University of Illinois? 3:53
  • How was it moving across the country in the middle of a global pandemic? 5:31
  • Do you have thoughts on what we need to do in health care to disrupt the system and rebuild or recreate a better, more equitable system in general and, specifically, in cancer care? 7:05
  • Do you think that this pandemic is going to lead us in a path where people will be more open to a new way of thinking? 9:17
  • Do you think that coming out of this pandemic are there going to be any tangible or major changes that you’ve seen in your own practice or seen across the board that may continue to make access or delivery of care better? 11:53
  • How do you go about that process of figuring out how to continue to lead equitably but also making sure you’re leading equally? 19:54
  • How do you guide women to keep their eyes open and continue to evolve and grow while finding the right people to help them grow and create those steeping stones to success? 24:42
  • Cancel culture in medicine 28:36
  • Dealing with institutions with a negative organizational culture 33:16
  • Gadi’s one pearl of wisdom 36:39
  • How to reach Gadi 37:37

VK Gadi, MD, PhD, is professor and director of medical oncology in the department of medicine, and associate director of translational oncology at UIC Cancer Center.

We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments/questions to Dr. Jain at Follow us on Twitter @HemOncToday @ShikhaJainMD. Dr. Gadi can be reached by email at and on Twitter @DrVKGadi.

Disclosures: Gadi reports research funding from Agendia; intellectual property of Chimerocyte; consultant/speaker for Hologix and he is founder of SEngine Precision Medicine. Jain reports she is a paid freelance writer for Lippincott.