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Oncology Overdrive

Dec 14, 2021

In this episode, Christine Hodgdon and Julia Maués, co-founders of Guiding Researchers and Advocates to Scientific Partnerships, and Stephanie L. Graff, MD, FACP, discuss the organization’s mission and the importance of patient advocacy.

  • Intro :01
  • Welcome to another exciting episode of Oncology Overdrive :13
  • Guest introduction :23
  • About GRASP :28
  • About Maués :36
  • About Hodgdon 1:07
  • About Graff 1:40
  • Can you tell us a little bit about GRASP? 2:21
  • Julia, what was your journey to get into this process? 5:47
  • Graff how are you involved with GRASP? 9:26
  • How was something like GRASP not already implemented? 13:30
  • Julia and Christine, did you have any scientific background before you started doing this? 16:48
  • Why is advocacy so important? 19:12
  • Have you guys had any negative responses with this whole patient advocate title? 24:58
  • Sometimes women’s symptoms and concerns are written off or ignored … Julia is that something you’ve personally experienced or seen? 29:59
  • Hodgdon’s one pearl 39:08
  • Maués’ one pearl 39:56
  • Graff’s one pearl 40:59
  • How to contact Graff 42:23
  • How to contact Maués 42:38
  • How to contact Hodgdon 42:57
  • Thank you so much for your time 43:27

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Stephanie L. Graff, MD, FACP, joined Lifespan Cancer Institute at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island as the director of breast oncology in the summer of 2021. Prior to joining the team at Lifespan/Brown, she was director of both the breast program and clinical research at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest and associate director of the Breast Cancer Research Program at Sarah Cannon Research Institute and national breast lead for the Sarah Cannon Cancer Network’s clinical programs. In addition, Graff serves as a medical advisor to the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

Christine Hodgdon, is a co-founder of GRASP.

Julia Maués is a co-founder of GRASP.

Disclosures: Graff, Hodgdon and Maués report no relevant financial disclosures. Jain reports she is a paid freelance writer for Lippincott.