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Oncology Overdrive

Oct 14, 2022

In this episode, host Shikha Jain, MD, speaks with hospitalist and host of Explore The Space Podcast, Mark Shapiro, MD, about honing impactful communication skills, how health care workers can get involved in politics and more.

  • Welcome to another exciting episode of Oncology Overdrive :14
  • About Shapiro :44
  • The interview 3:15
  • Tell us about your journey. How did you get to where you are today? 3:29
  • Have you noticed that more health care workers seem to be pushing their way into the political arena? Is that something we need more of in health care? 5:56
  • How did you start that exploration into advocacy work? … How did you find the courage to start that mission-driven work? 8:22
  • Why should we not frame “gun control” in the way it’s been framed in the past, and what do we need to do to move things forward? 11:44
  • How did you learn to become such a good communicator when it came to public health messaging? How did you develop that ability to have those conversations? 16:53
  • Shapiro’s experience with improvisational comedy and its effect on social interactions with physicians 19:46
  • Why are we talking more about climate change as it relates to healthcare and medicine, and why are we the people who should be talking about it? 22:53
  • Tell us about your experience of being invited to the White House. How did that happen, and what did you do there? 28:38
  • How do you realize that amplifying others’ voices is something that you can do? … What was the strategy you enacted to become such a phenomenal amplifier? 32:10
  • How did you come up with the concept of the Med Lasso podcast? 35:52
  • If somebody could only listen the last minute or two of this episode, what would you want them to take away? 39:25
  • How to contact Shapiro 39:56
  • Thanks for listening 41:38

Mark Shapiro, MD, is a practicing hospitalist & is the creator, producer & host of Explore The Space Podcast

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Disclosures: Jain and Shapiro report no relevant financial disclosures.