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Oncology Overdrive

Oct 5, 2020

Editor’s Note: This episode was recorded prior to President Donald J. Trump testing positive for COVID-19.

In this episode, Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD, explains the concept of stereotype threat, shares how she became interested in gender equity work and details her experience on the frontlines of COVID-19.

  • Intro :04
  • About Salles :13
  • The interview 1:11
  • How did you end up where you are now? 1:28
  • What led you to start doing more work in gender equity? 4:53
  • Stereotype threat and lack of opportunity 9:00
  • Have you faced a lot of negativity in this space? 12:04
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone 19:10
  • How did you decide to work in COVID-19 hot spots? What was it like? 22:55
  • Masks have become politicized 37:50
  • What’s the path forward? 42:22
  • Have you been active in voting/politics? 46:29
  • Thank you for everything you do 48:14
  • Salles’ take-home message 48:38
  • How to find Salles 49:55

Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD, is a minimally invasive and bariatric surgeon. She is a Scholar in Residence within the Educational Programs and Services at Stanford University School of Medicine.

We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments/questions to Dr. Jain at Dr. Salles can be reached on Twitter at @arghavan_salles and on Instagram at @arghavansallesmd. Follow us on Twitter @HemOncToday @ShikhaJainMD

Disclosures: Jain reports she is a paid freelance writer for Lippincott. Salles reports she is a consultant for Intuitive Surgical and Intuitive Foundation.