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Oncology Overdrive

Aug 17, 2020

In this episode, Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD, MS, FASE, cardiac anesthesiologist, published author and founder of Brave Enough, discusses the importance of finding our authentic selves, inspiring change and caring for each other in medicine.

  • Intro :14
  • About Shillcutt :27
  • The Interview 2:30
  • How did you get to where you are today? 3:30
  • What is your typical day like clinically? 10:51
  • The importance of self-care as doctors 13:34
  • The importance of connecting with and humanizing fellow physicians 19:25
  • How did you decide to be a cardiac anesthesiologist when it’s predominately a male-dominated field? 24:42
  • How have you managed to merge all the aspects of your life and career? 31:39
  • Anecdote on the need for innovative ways of thinking in the people who work in health care 37:48
  • Shillcutt on the importance of establishing relationships and allies 39:39
  • Why Shillcutt chose to write a book with everything else she has going on in her career and life 41:39
  • How to find Shillcutt and her book 46:40

Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD, MS, FASE is a tenured professor and the vice chair of strategy and innovation in the department of anesthesiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She is also the CEO and founder of Brave Enough, a well-published researcher in cardiac anesthesiology and gender equity; cardiac anesthesiologist, published author and international speaker.

We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments/questions to Dr. Jain at Dr. Shillcutt can be reached at her website and on Twitter at @rubraveenough. Follow us on Twitter @HemOncToday @ShikhaJainMD

Disclosures: Jain reports she is a paid freelance writer for Lippincott. Shillcutt is founder/owner of Brave Enough LLC, a website and blog for professional women.