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Oncology Overdrive

May 18, 2023

In this episode, host Shikha Jain, MD, speaks with Ken Bloom, MD, FCAP, about developing technologies to assist cancer analysis and pathology, the spatial component of antibody conjugates and more.

•    Welcome to another exciting episode of Oncology Overdrive 1:11
•    About Bloom 1:16
•    The interview 2:10
•    How did you come into your clinical roles, deciding to become a pathologist and get involved with immunotherapy, and then make the transition into industry? 2:42
•    Bloom on how he got involved with breast cancer pathology and precision medicine 7:29
•    Bloom on his work on developing new mechanisms for revolutionizing digital pathology 9:52
•    How do reference laboratories bring more value to a patient? 15:17
•    Jain and Bloom on the evolution of spatial biology in cancer analysis, sequencing and pathology 18:40
•    Jain on the challenges facing how health care advances in can be communicated to more physicians and oncologists 21:40 
•    What are your thoughts on where we’re going now with rising excitement for advancements such as AI? 23:24 
•    Bloom on Nucleai and how it uses AI to assist in cancer cell analysis 27:56 
•    Do you think that over the last three years that technology and our understanding of it has been accelerated because of the ways we have adapted during the pandemic?  30:16 
•    Jain and Bloom on the evolution of science and medicine, specifically in oncology, and how health care systems can change to reflect this evolution 38:59
•    If someone could only listen to the minute of this episode, what would you want them to take away? 41:56
•    How to contact Bloom 43:42
•    Thanks for listening 44:37

Ken Bloom, MD, FCAP, is the head of pathology at Nucleai. He brings more than 35 years of clinical experience in pathology, oncology, telemedicine and bioinformatics. 

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Disclosures:  Jain reports no relevant financial disclosures. Bloom is an employee of Nucleai, a spatial biology company.